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Secure, private email puts you in control

ShazzleMail is the first privacy-protective and
surveillance-resistant secure email service. Your email
is delivered directly with no server copies. You control
and own your e-communications.

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Our security gives you privacy

  • ti1Free Secure EmailShazzleMail is a free private email application for consumers to use with iOS and Android devices and on your PC or Mac laptop/ desktop with a POP3/SMTP email client or with our Outlook Add-In. Stop giving up your privacy with webmail and open a free ShazzleMail account today.
  • ti1Flexible, Powerful and In Your ControlOur patented architecture transfers your email directly via a SSL encrypted channel to guarantee private and secure delivery of your content. Unlike webmail, which is inherently public, we do not participate in the transfer, have access to your email or mine your data. Only you and your receiver get a copy.
  • ti1Free Large Files Transfer ShazzleMail is your private secure communications channel. Forget about costly third party services; with your smartphone on a WiFi network, use ShazzleMail to securely send large files from your laptop or desktop. And the ShazzleMail Outlook Add-In makes it easy for you to send and receive.
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