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Shut the Door to Your Private World

ShazzleMail World’s only private email service! ShazzleMail doesn’t travel the web, but delivers mail directly from your smartphone. No server copies, no open access to NSA, and big business data mining. Free, because who can put a price on privacy?

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Our security gives you privacy

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    ShazzleMail is a free private email application that turns your smart phone into a mail server, delivering your messages directly to your receiver via an SSL encrypted channel with no server copies. Not even Shazzle gets a copy. Better still, our patented architecture allows you to send private email to anyone on your contacts list. No password required. It works with iOS and Android devices AND on a PC or Mac laptop/desktop.
    Become your own mailman by downloading a free ShazzleMail application today. Fight back against the snoops and spies. Holster up with privacy on your hip!
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    ShazzleMail Pro (B2B – ShazzleMail Pro allows you to send secure, end-to-end encrypted business emails to anyone on your contacts list. No password required. Send secure to clients and contacts frustrated by password protected mail. Our patented method delivers security while still as simple to use as non-secure mail. ShazzleMail Pro is powered by servers to deliver speed and reliability to the business customer.
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    Your email becomes more private when you use ShazzleMail. Your LIFE becomes more private when those sending to you use it. In this digital age, Privacy is a shared responsibility. This is why we have made ShazzleMail free. No one should put a price on privacy.
    Remember too that privacy is not about having something to hide, it is about the right to control what you want to share and what you want to keep to hold back. No government or big business should be snooping around our private thoughts and profiting off snatching copies of our communications. ShazzleMail gives you a tool to fight back. Please invite your contacts to join us so that together we can take back our privacy!