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    ShazzleMail has completed its beta testing and will no longer make available ShazzleMail v1.0 for download. If you currently have the application do not worry we will continue to maintain the beta until v2.0 is available sometime in early 2020.

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    ShazzleMail Pro B2B is no longer available for purchase. For current customers we will continue to maintain the software until our new ShazzleMail v2.0 is available sometime in early 2020. We are excited to make available our ShazzleChat Beta in April 2019. For more information please sign-up to become a tester.

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    ShazzleMail Domains is no longer available in beta and will relaunch as v2.0 sometime in early 2020. To be notified of all ShazzleMail v2.0 updates, features, and availability please sign-up to be a ShazzleMail beta tester.

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Privacy is your Fundamental Human Right.

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People have had enough of the corrupt nanny states trying to control and know everything about us, it is obscene and a complete invasion. Read full testimonial…

Fabulous to actually fight back against all the snooping. Well done and thank you for seeing the problems and thenactually doing something that helps
the ‘little people’ take their privacy back.
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Anything that makes the mass surveillance of the nation’s harder, gets my support! I think it’s important to tell everyone who will listen to start taking small steps to take back privacy.
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