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    ShazzleMail is a free private email application that turns your smart phone into a mail server, delivering your messages directly to your receiver via an SSL encrypted channel with no server copies. Not even Shazzle gets a copy. Better still, our patented architecture allows you to send private email to anyone on your contacts list. No password required. It works with iOS and Android devices AND on a PC or Mac laptop/desktop. Become your own mailman by downloading a free ShazzleMail application today. Fight back against the snoops and spies. Holster up with privacy on your hip!

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    ShazzleMail Pro B2B - ShazzleMail Pro allows you to send secure, end-to-end encrypted business emails to anyone on your contacts list. No password required. Send secure to clients and contacts frustrated by password protected mail. Our patented method delivers security while still as simple to use as non-secure mail. ShazzleMail Pro is powered by servers to deliver speed and reliability to the business customer.

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    Do you have your own domain or would you like to use ours?
    Register your domain and get 15G, an email address with your company's domain name and many more

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Introducing ShazzleMail Email and How it Works

Privacy is your Fundamental Human Right.

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People have had enough of the corrupt nanny states trying to control and know everything about us, it is obscene and a complete invasion. Read full testimonial…

Fabulous to actually fight back against all the snooping. Well done and thank you for seeing the problems and thenactually doing something that helps
the ‘little people’ take their privacy back.
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Anything that makes the mass surveillance of the nation’s harder, gets my support! I think it’s important to tell everyone who will listen to start taking small steps to take back privacy.
Read full testimonial…