Have you created a ShazzleMail account on your smartphone? This is a required first step.

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Free Encrypted Email

Setup MX record GoDaddy

eg. GoDaddy
1) Login into your account on GoDaddy

2) Select “Domains” on Top Menu and then “Manage My Domains” on dropped down menu


3) Select your domain. Which’s emails you want host on ShazzleMail


4) On domain screen select DNS and Edit


5) Then remove all records in MX section and Add new one
Priority: 0
Host: @
Points To: mail3.shazzlemail.com
TTL: 1 Hour

6) And then save changes

Changes will be applied up to 48 hours as GoDaddy saying. If you had no MX records before – it
could be applied in several minutes.

Introducing ShazzleMail Email and How it Works

Privacy is your Fundamental Human Right.

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