Have you created a ShazzleMail account on your smartphone? This is a required first step.

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I’ve downloaded the ShazzleMail app onto my mobile device, now what?

Congrats, you are well on your way to secure and private email. After downloading the ShazzleMail app on your Android or iOS device, you will have created your new ShazzleMail account (xxxx@shazzlemail.com). You can now begin to send private and secure emails on your device by selecting ‘Create New Message’ from the Shazzle Home page. You can send your email to a contact that also has a ShazzleMail account. This is an ‘in-network’ email transmission and your recipient(s) will receive the email in their ShazzleMail ‘Inbox’ on their mobile device. You can also send to a recipient(s) that does not have a ShazzleMail account. This is an ‘out of network’ email transmission and your recipient will receive an email with a link to view your secure and private email via the Internet, but your recipient does not have to enter any cumbersome password.

Can I access my email on my laptop or desktop?

Yes, once you have set up your new ShazzleMail account after downloading the app to your mobile device (smart phone, tablet), please see our Downloads website page and download ShazzleMail to use with your Windows or Mac devices using an email client like Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird (available here for free) or other email client.

How to configure ShazzleMail Connect ?

Who can I send messages to?

You can send messages to anyone. Users inside our network will receive the messages directly as long as they are connected to the Internet. Recipients outside the network will receive a notification e-mail with a link to view the secure and private message in a web browser.

How much does it cost?

ShazzleMail is free for an individual consumer to use. Keep watching for our ShazzleMail for business product coming soon.

Can a friend who does not have a ShazzleMail account (out of network) send an email to my ShazzleMail (in network) account?

Yes, as a ShazzleMail account holder you can receive emails from both contacts that have a ShazzleMail account (in network) and those that don’t have a ShazzleMail account (out of network).

How do I permanently delete my ShazzleMail account?

To permanently delete your account go to http://shazzlemail.com/account-profile enter your credentials, check the box agreeing to your account becoming permanently deleted and then click the blue checkmark.

My firewall is blocking my ShazzleMail. What should I do?

For PC users:  

  1.  Open Windows Firewall by clicking the Start buttonwin_start_button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type firewall, and then click Windows Firewall.
  2. In the left pane, click Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall


    Left Pane of Windows Firewall

  3. Click Change settingswin_change_settings.If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  4. Select the check box next to the program you want to allow, select the network locations you want to allow communication on, and then click OK.

For Mac users:  

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, and then click Firewall.
  2. Click the lock icon to unlock it, and then type an administrator name and password.
  3. If Firewall is turned off, click Start.
  4. Click the Add (+) button, and then select the service or application you want to add. After the application is added, click its up and down arrows to allow or block connections through the firewall. Blocking an application’s access through the firewall could interfere with or affect the performance of the application or other applications that depend on it.

Does ShazzleMail drain battery fast and use a lot of memory?

ShazzleMail drains battery more than regular email client as it is both a server and a client. We are constantly working on improving our battery usage and should be releasing an updated version anytime next month.

Can someone hack us, read your emails?

Our design favors direct delivery rules, where the data is transferred securely and the private key is kept on user’s device.  However, it is known that your phone can be hacked and any information stored on your phone can be revealed, so you have to be careful with you belongings. It is important to know that while we are in transition all your emails are well protected, but once someone steals your phone there is not much can be done. We are working on making improvements to secure data at rest on a mobile device by keeping the data encrypted.

What platforms do you currently support?

For your mobile device: as of right now we support Android and iOS devices. If you have a Blackberry you can download and APK file we have on our website, but it has not been tested and we cannot offer much support.

 For your desktop: If you would like to use your own email client (such as Mac Mail or Outlook) you can download our ShazzleMail Connect for your desktop. If you want to use our email client you can download our ShazzleMail Client. We also support Windows and working on making Linux available any time soon.

Can I make a phone call using ShazzleMail? The app says I can.

We are adding this functionality in a near future. As of right now it is still in beta.

What is the size of file attachment I can send without a Pro account?

Our software allows you to send large files between the users inside of networks. If you trying to send to an outside receiver then we don’t support the attachments option. Also, there is no file size limit with ShazzleMail, but there would be with your email client. For the faster delivery we do recommend that you are on a wireless network.

What are the system requirements for the Android mobile application?

We support version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and up

What are the system requirements for the iOS application?

We support iOS 7.0 and up.

Can this application handle multiple accounts in one install? I have five accounts that I use.

NO, ShazzleMail handles only one account per each device (mobile device or tablet). You cannot have multiple accounts under the same device. However, you can install multiple accounts under ShazzleMail Client (Gmail, Yahoo, Shazzle, etc) or multiple email clients (Outlook , MacMail or Thunderbird) on one account, but only one ShazzleMail account per device.
If you are looking to have multiple accounts, you would have to go with our paid Pro version. You can find more information here: http://shazzlemail.com/shazzlemail-pro

Is there an email delivery delay from ShazzleMail accounts to non-ShazzleMail accounts?

The short answer is yes, we are working to improve the ‘web view’ performance.  Normally, your email sits on your phone until the non-ShazzleMail recipient retrieves it.  It’s a timing issue that if someone opens your email some time later and your phone is not on or not on a Wi-Fi network, there can be some delay, but it shouldn’t be more than a few minutes. 

You can log on to ShazzleMail on your phone and navigate to Advanced Settings, navigate to the Server settings and turn off ‘External Emails Privacy.’ With this setting OFF, we send your non-ShazzleMail emails through our server.

In what cases does the app restart?

Our app will be restarted in 2 cases:

  1.  After boot up
  2. If it was crashed
But if user closed (killed) application manually - it can be opened only manually (or after rebooting device)

How do you block spam?

We block spam from external accounts, more or less in a regular way.  There are rules how to identify spam, email is marked with a spam score so an email client knows what to do with spammed emails.  We may also use some spam reporting for in network sending, verification could shut down spammers.

How to Setup MX for External Domain

I am running low on storage, is there anything you can do about this?

We can’t do anything on our end, but on your end you can delete old messages to free up space.

Why can’t I hide my Shazzle message bar?

The thing is when user gets rid of the ShazzleMail message bar, our app is losing priority in the Android system. It means when device has limited resources (CPU and memory), Android system can kill our app in order to get more resources.

Why are your servers located in USA?

Shazzle never gets a copy of your email so it does not matter where the servers are located. Your email goes directly from your smart phone to your receiver’s smart phone without ever touching Shazzle’s equipment. The only thing Shazzle’s server does is deliver your internet protocol (IP) address to your receiver so the two of you can establish a direct connection (like a Virtual Private Network). You then send an encrypted email that Shazzle never touches.

Introducing ShazzleMail Email and How it Works

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