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In 2007, alarmed by his discovery that the World Wide Web exposed all of his communications and data to surveillance from not only the government, but also tech giants like Google, Mr. Boyle founded Shazzle LLC. Shazzle’s mission is to deliver simple privacy solutions to digital communications and financial transactions. The company’s first product is ShazzleMail, a private email service that routes mail through the user’s smart phone as the mail server, avoiding the web and so frustrating surveillance. In 2016 the company plans to launch a digital payment service that is similarly private, and well as private IM. Mr. Boyle has received U.S. Patent 12/176,747 for software architecture that harnesses peer-to-peer networking to facilitate data transfer in secure and private communication. He is also listed as Co-Inventor on two additional ShazzleMail patents. Mr. Boyle began his business career by founding the real estate development company Simsbury Associates which has developed a wide range of residential, commercial, and historic restoration projects with a combined asset value of over one hundred million dollars. He later added Landmark Senior Living, a privately held operating company for delivering services to seniors. They now manage 600 Assisted Living units controlled by Mr. Boyle’s companies with a staff of roughly 320 employees. More recently Simsbury has developed a drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation center in Louisville, KY, and has additional assisted living and detox projects in development. Mr. Boyle has raised 5 children. He currently divides his time between Boston, MA and Scottsdale AZ. He is an honors graduate of Harvard University, Class of 1982.

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Privacy is your Fundamental Human Right.

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